Darn you H&M


Now I’m not saying that i was exclusively blind to the fact that H&M’s clothes can sometimes be really inexpensive. Or that Forever 21 manages to get away with cheap materials and reasonable , borderline cheap prices. However for some reason over the years being a ‘Conscious Consumer’ has always been something that has been neglected over and over again. I can say even for myself alongside every consumer that the fact that many people are literally shedding ‘Blood, sweat and tears’ for my clothing in other countries, is pushed to the back of my mind and sometimes doesn’t even resurface until a few weeks later when I’m actually wearing the item of clothing.

The shocking truth is the people behind our clothing are in some dire need of help.

We should give it to them!

…but i doubt anyone is going to boycott Forever 21 with their 7.99 denim skinny jeans.