Are you having a laugh?

As unapologetic-ally copy and pasted from google, here are 2 definitions  of the word Humour.


So humour – why do we need it in fashion. The quote from designer Maxine Beiny sums up one view point…

Maxine Beiny

Having humour in what you wear can be translated in many different forms, whether its by the iconography ,shape or colour.


Why i wish i could draw…

There are many simple truths in life that we must all come to terms with and one that i have recently come to terms with is tha tim just not a good drawer. im not an artist. i can doodle (“bareeely”) but in all honestly i would not class myself as someone who has any artistic talent. Even those who call themselves as bad would be better than me. Despite this i can always appreciate the work that others have created, and my top 5 Animators, illustrators and gif makers are pretty A W E S O M E


  1. Laura Callaghan


Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator based in London and every image i look at emulates the girl gangs of the 90s and even the 000’s as girls all around the world detract from stereotypes of what a woman should be and just owning themselves with all the sass and confidence combined. Love it!

2. Sara Andreasson

output_eUwQJ4 (1)

A Swedish illustrator based in Gothenburg,  Sweden,

3. Céleste Wallaert


Learning a language and the Language of Fashion

In 2014 i vowed to myself “i WILL learn french by the end of this year, then when I’ve completed that i will learn Spanish, then Mandarin”. Its now 2016 and as i look back i realise that it was quite an overly ambitious statement. i had made this vow to myself After watching this video of model Camille Rowe teaching me how to speak french i remember thinking “wow this language is so beautiful…surely i can do this!” However it was over before it started. The app Duolingo was a great but i think my lack of diligence definitely killed the dream of fluently speaking my way throughout the streets of  [paʁi] (that the pronunciation for french btw).

model mother tongue

Despite my efforts something remained to be seen which was my interest in languages other than english and i do not doubt that one day i will be able to have a conversation in another language. So Learning a language for me whas not easy and it made me wonder.. what is the language of Fashion?

Fashion is …

  1. 1.
    a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

and Language is…

noun: language; plural noun: languages
  1. 1.
    the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.
    “a study of the way children learn language”
    • a non-verbal method of expression or communication.
      “body language”.


This makes me wonder, is it possible for fashion to create or promote a language? Or is it that what we wear is actually the language? That the clothing we wear, the way we style our hair and the way we present ourselves is actually a non verbal method of expression and communication – that me a 19 year old Fashion and communication Student has a personal language or form of communication that is only expressed through my style. So a person needs to know a language in order to speak and to communicate what they want to say  and in the same way a person might perceive their style as the only language they know that can communicate what they want say.



So the question is – What language do you speak? 

The same pair of shoes…

This is a very short post on me and the journey of my closet. Back in 2014 when i declared that i was going to be a fashion journalist i had pages and pages of saved items in my Asos collection (Pages meaning a virtual wardrobe – the funds were not present) of outrageous and sometimes unneeded items that i was going to buy and wear forever, forming my vision of what a fashion journalist was ‘supposed’ to look like. However it was clear that i was not serious, as 2 years down the line, the saved list has , as expected been refreshed, trimmed down and now replaced with sprinkles of plain pieces, burnt orange with not a ostrich coat to be found.

In conclusion ive now realised that as my attitudes and values change over time, so does my style. its was not easy to hold on to the way that i had envisioned myself to look as its not certain that how i actually look now is in fact a stark contrast. although this would have disappointed my 17 year old self, now being a 19 year old student about to move on to my second year of university , my eyes have been opened to the truth that i just want to be comfortable.

not cool.

but comfortable.

collage .png

So just for the record –

Black boots are my friend, mom Jeans are my friend, turtle necks are my friend and shopper bags are my friend.

…and i’m still wearing the same superstar trainers.






In this post i want to address the fashion industries obsession with youth. Obsession is a very strong word, however i can definitely see that youth is a factor that is very important for both marketing and online presence. Take the beautiful Lily rose Depp – she makes me look like a grandma as she is 16 but even at such a young age, physically and in reality the girl has managed to win the hearts of millions, including Karl Lagerfeld who said, “Lily-Rose is stunning, she’s a young girl from a new generation with all the qualities of a star” in a recent press release. Even becoming the face of Chanel’s new fragrance  N°5 L’EAU just shows that youth is the thing that sells, even to younger girls and modern women alike.