Why i wish i could draw…

There are many simple truths in life that we must all come to terms with and one that i have recently come to terms with is tha tim just not a good drawer. im not an artist. i can doodle (“bareeely”) but in all honestly i would not class myself as someone who has any artistic talent. Even those who call themselves as bad would be better than me. Despite this i can always appreciate the work that others have created, and my top 5 Animators, illustrators and gif makers are pretty A W E S O M E


  1. Laura Callaghan


Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator based in London and every image i look at emulates the girl gangs of the 90s and even the 000’s as girls all around the world detract from stereotypes of what a woman should be and just owning themselves with all the sass and confidence combined. Love it!

2. Sara Andreasson

output_eUwQJ4 (1)

A Swedish illustrator based in Gothenburg,  Sweden,

3. Céleste Wallaert



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